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Au revoir to Petanque

Yves Bertrand

The official 2022-2023 pétanque season of the Alliance francophone du CVE ended with two important events. We had the "Christian Côté" tournament on March 6th and the end-of-season evening on March 10th.

This season, four tournaments took place during the season, namely the “Dulude-Desautels” tournament on December 5th, the “Philip Raymond” tournament on January 9th, the “Conrad Thurber” tournament on February 6th, and finally the “Christian Côté” on March 6th. The unusual thing was the last tournament was won by the team captains of Christian Côté, Lise Bourgeois and Roland Fillion.

During the closing evening of March 10th, Mr. André Brassard and Mr. Christian Côté (who tied in the final score) were declared the players of the year.

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