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Celebrating the Life of Ruth Wolfson

Ruth Wolfson passed away on May 10th at the age of 97. We owe Ruth great thanks for her dedication to what our Clubhouse Library is today. Ruth and her husband were original owners in Ventnor G, from their home in Pennsylvania, where she taught English. She and other readers were given a room for donated books that could be shared with CVE residents. That room is now our office.

With the assistance of COOVE and The Canadian Club, the number of books increased, as did the floor space. Ruth was also instrumental in the addition of the boutique and used book sales.

Ruth always had answers to every question put to her by our patrons, her knowledge was unquestionable.

In 2015, Ruth was honored by the Library Board for her years of service. After her acceptance she told all in attendance that “she needed the library more than the library needed her.” Ruth truly was a wonderful, warm, loving, caring, and compassionate lady­—she was one of a kind.

To honor Ruth’s memory and service, the Library dedicated a plaque and installed it on the Book Return Box in the Damon Bee Reading Room, outside the Library door.

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