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FDOT announces SW 10th moving aheadFDOT releases SW 10th timeline

The Florida Department of Transportation announced it is moving ahead with the expansion of SW 10th Street along the southern border of the Village.

According to FDOT, the project is moving into the final design and construction phase with the selection of a Design-Build construction contractor. The contractor team will then be tasked to plan out all of the construction activities and timeline for the project.

Officials say the pre-construction planning identifies which parts of the corridor will be constructed first for the most efficient work plan for the I-95 at SW 10th Street Interchange and the rest of the SW 10th Street corridor. The selection process is expected to last until March. Once selected, the contractor is expected to take the rest of 2024 to put together the plan. Construction is planned to begin early 2025. At the same time, FDOT says they will be working on systems around the construction zones to alleviate traffic as much as possible. FDOT claims the systems will “communicate directly with motorists to help them efficiently maneuver through and around the construction area. This innovative technology will support safety and mobility in the area and provide congestion relief.”

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