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Just “Pickled” pink by the success

Stephane Dumas

The Century Village Pickleball Association held its 2023 pickleball tournament on February 25th.

The event was a great success. On a beautiful, sunny day, more than 120 players registered for the tournament, packed up their paddles and played in 3 different events: mixed, men and women doubles.

We gave 18 medals, one trophy and 70 prizes. Such an event wouldn’t be possible without the support of sponsors and the hard work and efforts of volunteers as we had the chance to build an extraordinary team of 20 dedicated and hard-working volunteers.

Due to our sponsors, we will be able to give a cheque of $2300 to the Gateway Community Outreach Pantry in Deerfield Beach.

A very special thanks to the CVE Pickleball Association who supported us entirely before and during the tournament. We will build on the success of this tournament to improve the 2024 version.

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