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Major storm, minimal damage

While Hurricane Ian's effects were felt across South Florida from the Gulf to the Atlantic, Century Village East was spared from major flooding or damage.

According to officials with both Master Management and Cenclub, the worst of the damage amounted to downed trees and very minimal structural damage.

CenClub, which is responsible for maintaining the clubhouse and pools said they did not experience any damage to the Clubhouse. Recently CenClub underwent a major capital improvement project to replace the aging windows in the clubhouse. Before replacement, even a routine thunderstorm led to significant water leaks inside the building.

CenClub Executive Director Mike Burdman said it previously took hours to clean up the leaks and address the water-soaked drywall after a rain storm. This time, he said there was not a single instance of water coming in the building.

The biggest storm-related inconvenience, he said, was removing and then restoring all the pool furniture across the Village. He also said a significant amount of debris that had blown into the pools had to be removed. Once all the debris was removed, the final task was cleaning and chemically rebalancing the water.

Master Management, which is responsible for maintaining the Village's storm drains and major roadways also reported minor damage from the storm.

During the storm, Master Management staff patrolled the Village clearing storm drains to minimize flooding. As soon as the wind and rain subsided, preliminary damage inspections revealed only a handful of downed trees, and some minor damage to the gate houses.

It turns out Deerfield Beach was among the areas in Broward County receiving the least amount of rain from Hurricane Ian. According to the National Weather Service and local news reports, some areas of Broward County received nearly 10 inches of rain. Deerfield Beach, however, only received just over 3 inches of rain.

The storm did prompt several closures and cancellations around the Village. Master Management, which provides transporations services to residents suspended bus service during the worst conditions. According to the organization, winds above 35 miles per hour require them to park the buses. The management company also closed its offices for the Wednesday in the middle of the storm.

At the clubhouse, the building was shut down during the storm and all activities were cancelled as a result of the hurricane. By the Thursday morning after the storm, all activities had resumed and the building had been reopened.

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