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Veteran Village leader Donna Capobianco runs for COOCVE president


Longtime Century Village East leader Donna Capobianco has thrown her hat into the ring for COOCVE president.

Her candidacy ensures an election for the position will be held in January. Over the course of two decades, Capobianco has served in leadership positions in all three major village organizations. She is a former COOCVE Director. She served on the Recreation Committee (the committee in charge of all village recreation activities prior to CenClub). She served on the CVE Master Management Board of Directors for years, including holding the position as Board President. Capobianco was a current CVE Master Management Board member until last month when she stepped down to run for COOCVE president.

Capobianco said she is running “in order to give our community a choice to vote for someone who respects and appreciates the hard work done by the current COOCVE team, who will support the good programs and relationships already fostered with CenClub and CVE Master Management and promote positive, helpful communication in our community.”

The election will be held in January. Only COOCVE directors are allowed to vote for COOCVE president, as well as for all other open positions on the Boards of CVE Master Management, CenClub, and COOCVE.

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