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Young Israel welcomes you

Michael Tannenbaum

There is a treasure at Century Village which many people have

enjoyed in the past and continue to frequent regularly. Whether

they visit on a daily, weekly or occasional basis, people have

found the Young Israel of Deerfield Beach (YIDB).

Just outside the Century Village gate, the Young Israel is housed

in a beautiful building, conducts religious services, offers classes,

lectures, films, social events, and many other gatherings

appealing to a variety of interests.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to participate in Jewish

religious and/or communal activities, or you are reluctant to come

to services, don’t be. If you need assistance with the prayers, help

will be provided. If you seek assistance with reading Hebrew, we

will assist!

Stop by the office and ask for Michael Tannenbaum, Membership

Chairman, or Steven Schoenfeld, President.

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