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2024 Election Results

CenClub Board of Directors

2 Positions Available Serving  3 Year Term

Candidate                   Votes

Mike Rosenzweig        94        Winner

Sheila Pascar               88        Winner

Susan Dove                 81

Phyllis Meiner 78

Irving Katz                   42

Ralph Pellatt                14

Choose Not To Vote     7


CVE Master Management Board of Directors

3 Positions Available Serving 3 Year Term

Candidate                   Votes

Eli Okun                       182      Winner

Amy Conner                165      Winner

Paul Bourque                90      Winner

Steve Wishnack            79

Harry Kregler    32

Choose Not To Vote    10


COOCVE President

1 Position Available Serving 2 Year Term

Candidate                   Votes

Donna Capobianco     149      Winner

Bernie Parness              63

Choose Not To Vote       6     


COOCVE Sergeant-at-Arms

1 Position Available Serving 2 Year Term

Candidate                   Votes

Joseph Cummings       128      Winner

Daniel Shanetzky          43

Choose Not To Vote     26

Ernesto Contreras         21


Uncontested COOCVE Officers

Each Position Serving 2 Year Term

Macky Bachelor            Vice President 1

Harriet Drandoff           Vice President 2

Judith Stagliano            Secretary

Howard Silverstone      Treasurer

Richard Wiener             Controller

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