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Summer Sports

Larry Cohen

The Summer league tennis team played at the Richmond Tennis Courts 7 days a week, and except for a few rainouts we played every day. The season ends on October 30, when the regular CVE Tennis League starts.

Some of the players who played in this league were Morty, Allan, Bobby, Surrie, Marian, Maria, Mike C, Mike R. Mike, Tony, Marek, Adam, Leon, Larry, Fred, Martha, Linda, Arline, Marcus, Lucio, Anita, Didi, Cathy, Josef, Paula, and many others. It was a great summer season.

CVE Volleyball continued to play every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the hot summer days We played for an hour and had great games. Summer league volleyball players were Larry, Joe, Victor, Kevin, Valentina, Issac, Paul, Stingray, Leon, Pinatola,Mike, Louie, and many walk on visitors.

Rose Marie our cheerleader showed up for most of the games and made the team delicious brownies once in a while. Volleyball season is played 12 months a year on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00am to 11:00am.

CVE Putt-Putt Golf Club played every Tuesday night during the summer months. The turnout was great and most days we had 28 players. We play 18 holes and cash prizes were awarded to the teams that came in first, second and third.

Once the snowbirds come back we anticipate about 50 players playing on our team every Tuesday night. Shelia and Larry thank all the players for their support and everyone had a great time. Some of the players who played this summer were Mona,Julie, Allan, Perry, Henry, Rita, Brian, Starr, Josefina, Jose, Elizabeth, Pauline, Gabe, Bill, Carolyn, Rachel, Grace, Al,Jeanie, Charlie, Mel, Nick, Bob,Roseann, Hunter, Rick, Debbie, Clarisse, Susan, Josephine, Emily, Tim, Ann Marie, Starr and many others. We laughed, we played and just had a great golf night.

Stickball this summer was played every Thursday and Saturday during the hot steamy summer mornings. Games started at 9:00am and we played seven or nine inningsdepending on the temperature. The turnout was good, and the hitting and fielding was great. Stickball is played 12 months a year. Players included Shelia, Surrie, Allan,Victor, Larry, Jay, Jose, Ed, Tom, Joel, Dan, Bill , Leon, Issac, Johnny, Artie, Al, Joel, Perry, Phil, Ralph, Louie, Leon, Issac, Abbas, Gene, Brian and others.

Pickleball this summer was played at the clubhouse courts in the early morning and in the evening and was also played on the Swansea Courts. A good turnout of players played.

Corn Hole and Horseshoe teams played most of the summer, and look forward to a great fall season. The corn hole and horseshoe teams meet every Sunday morning at 9:00am and new members are always welcome.

Outdoor sports go on at Century Village twelve months a year and during the steamy, hot days of summer. A big thank you goes out to all the players who continued to play this summer.

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