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Committee works to set association standards

How can we help our condo associations and their boards meet today’s challenges while operating in a way that brings value and security to their owners and to the Century Village East community as a whole?

With the encouragement of CVE Master Management, CenClub and COOCVE, a select group of representatives from each organization has been meeting for over two years to formulate uniform standards of governance and financial reporting. This nine-member panel relied upon provisions of both federal law and Florida Statute 718 as the legal framework upon which to base its standards.

The plan is to educate the associations and their owners to help improve some diverse and unregulated practices that have been observed in the Village. The objective is to recognize and accredit associations that demonstrate their conformity with legal requirements and best business practices and thus bring value to their owners.

The Community Improvement and Accreditation Committee (CIAC) has developed a review process by which an association can be evaluated for its adherence to these standards. COOCVE, whose mission is to educate owners and association boards, will offer guidance and resources to enable all associations to achieve certification of their excellence. Certified buildings will be recognized throughout the community.

While participation is voluntary the committee members strongly encourage all associations to join the process. They expect the program to be fully operational in the first quarter of 2024.

Please visit the CIAC website at for important information regarding standards, applications, etc. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at The CIAC committee will gladly help you get started.

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