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Condo Rules Committee begins audits

Macky Bachelor

The Community Improvement and Accreditation Committee (CIAC) is excited to be moving forward. Watch for posters of the Community Standards on your bulletin boards. We’re working together with Association Boards to improve operations and to help Owners preserve the value of their investment.

We have several associations that are being reviewed for accreditation as a trial run. We’ll be ready in January to accept applications from other Associations. Owners, please encourage your Board to apply.

Accreditation is voluntary, and if your Board is not totally compliant with the standards, we will offer resources to help them reach for excellence.

Boards need the involvement of their Owners. We encourage people to attend Board Meetings and to volunteer to serve on their Board, even if only for a one-year term. There are lots of tools available to train you: on-line webinars, COOCVE Forums, Manual for Condo Boards, Presidents’ Manual, and many experienced Board members to consult. If you are interested in seeing your building maintained and improved, this is a good investment in your time.

For questions, contact CIAC at For an application or to see our introductory video, visit our website at

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