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COOCVE President announces she won’t run again

Current COOCVE President Carol Freedman has announced she will not be running for re-election in January.

Freedman made the announcement at a recent COOCVE Board of Directors meeting.

“I have an announcement that I am going to make,” Freedman said to the members gathered via Zoom. She described her announcement as difficult, but something she said she felt “compelled” to do.

“This last year and a half have been a real labor of love for me, and I feel we have come far together as a community,” said Freedman.

The current COOCVE president said it would be unfair not to announce her intentions so other potential candidates had time to run for the position.

“I have done my best to create an atmosphere of decorum, order, respect, and collaboration while I, and we have continued to define and refine COOCVE’s roles in the community.”

Some village leaders say during Freedman’s tenure, COOCVE has become more active than it had been in the past. CVE Master Management Board of Directors President Eli Okun told the meeting “COOCVE has been revitalized and been lifted to a higher level with all the different things that have been instituted.”

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