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New campaign focuses on resident safety

A new campaign designed to protect resident safety has been launched in the Village.

CVE Master Management has launched an initiative called “9-1-1 is #1.” The campaign is intended to underscore that if you are experiencing an emergency, your first call should be to 9-1-1, not to Village security.

The campaign features bright red, eye-catching graphics that include a picture of Broward Sheriff’s Office Fire rescue 66, which is the rescue serving the village from the station just outside the West Gate. It reminds residents that “in an emergency, your first call is to 9-1-1.”

There has been some confusion over the roles played by village security, and whether they are able to assist in an emergency.

According to CVE Master Management, village security’s major responsibilities are gate access control and perimeter patrol. They are not trained first responders able to assist in either a medical emergency or a security threat (a few security officers are able to render basic life support, but they too are not considered first responders).


If you are having an emergency, your first call should always be to 9-1-1. Once you have alerted first responders, you can always alert village security to the situation.

However, remember that village security officers are not law enforcement. They can't make arrests. They can't detain people. They are unarmed and therefore will not intervene in dangerous situations.

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