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President's Message

November 2022

Well, although we managed to make it thru Ian relatively unscathed, it provided us a ‘dry run’ for our responsiveness. Master Management did an outstanding job of keeping the Village informed via timely Insider reports and were quickly out with cleanup efforts, along with our property management companies. Unfortunately, our neighbor Kings Pointe did not fare as well… and provided us with a dramatic demonstration of the power of tag-on tornados. We’re not used to dealing with tornados and may want to heed those pesky tv alert warnings more carefully. At the very least, stay away from windows and go to the center of your place, ideally the bathroom.

Our buildings are beginning their painful budgeting planning and many will be having budget approval meetings this month and next. Buildings are trying hard to (re)build their reserves and prepare indeterminate insurance increases, while doing their best to minimize coupon increases and special assessments. It’s a challenging process since many of the costs are still not certain. What is clear is that they will be going up, although we wait for the State Legislature to release clarifying legislation for SB4D and the impact on the insurance agency after the hurricane season ends.

Our COOCVE Buying Group is busily researching group deals and discounted packages for the range of things that Presidents and owners have requested. Perfect time for a special deal for high impact windows and door packages as well replacement hot water heaters. Stay tuned for updates on items, prices and processes.

Webpage redesign has begun and we hope to have a new look by December. In addition, we’re hiring an office assistant to help our volunteer staff catch up and get ahead on some of upcoming project implementation. We hope to have everything running smoothly by December.

Finally, we know owners are anxious to be returning to live COOCVE meetings and we are planning to do that by January, if not before. We are still working out logistics for handling the potential size of our gatherings (60-200 attendees, depending on the meeting), managing check-ins where needed, and protecting against any remaining, stubborn covid remnants. We will continue zoom coverage for all those who prefer to participate from the comfort and safety of their homes.

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